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#17: “Flood,” by The April Skies.


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Flood. The April Skies.
2005, WiaB Data. Producer: Jeff Feltenberger.
Bought, 2005.

IN A NUTSHELL: Flood, by The April Skies, is a set of ten infectious tunes with a terrific sound and an Various Rock really feel. Bandleader Jake Crawford writes nice melodies, and delivers them with a weary, but decided, type. His guitar strains are all the time fascinating and the band behind him all the time delivers. Drummer Mark Tritico is a spotlight all through, enjoying subtly intricate beats and rhythms that all the time serve the music. It’s just a little band on slightly label, however the outcomes are very massive!

NOTE: The setup – under the road ↓ – may be one of the best half … Or skip proper to the album dialogue.
I’ve talked about earlier than that approach again within the 80s I performed the trombone in highschool. I used to be actually good at it, ok to be in some honors bands and a trombone ensemble with little-to-no working towards. Nevertheless, I by no means actually favored it so after highschool I not often performed it, and by about 25 I used to be completed for good1. Sooner or later in my late 20s, my mother advised me she was unhappy that I’d stopped enjoying. “I always imagined seeing you as a big, famous trombone player on TV,” she informed me.

It’s sweetly charming that my mother, by the mid 90s, figured that, among the many rappers, boy bands, woman teams and different oddities in the USA’ cultural consciousness, some area nonetheless remained for a star trombone participant. The wave of the superstar trombonists certainly crested within the 1940s with Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey. There’s been nary a ripple since till, maybe, Trombone Shorty immediately, whose TV appearances would solely simply barely, maybe, qualify him as a “big, famous trombone player.” However nonetheless – I do know what she meant. She meant the expertise I displayed early on portended a bigger position for that expertise in my life than ultimately materialized – a task she’d hoped would land me a spot on TV, I assume.

Once I had youngsters of my very own, I obtained some perspective on the child-activity-based forecasting finished by most mother and father – together with my mother. As my youngsters grew up, I noticed that my predictions have been based mostly an excessive amount of on the bodily talents of youngsters. “That kid’s really fast! I’ll bet she’ll go to the Olympics!” “That kid built a Lego bridge! I’ll bet he’ll be an architect!” “That kid plays trombone really well! I’ll bet he’ll be a big, famous trombone player on TV!” Nevertheless, I discovered that these bodily traits, even when they proceed to develop and convey pleasure to youngsters and people round them, don’t account for all that’s required to succeed in the equal standing of “a big, famous trombone player on TV.” A bigger necessity than bodily traits is an innate DESIRE TO BE an enormous, well-known trombone participant on TV. The quick child gained’t go to the Olympics, however the quick child who WANTS TO go to the Olympics may.

As a teenaged trombone participant, I made plenty of pals, I had enjoyable occasions and laughed an entire lot. I didn’t love the music that we performed in band, and I hated to apply. I used to be joyful to be complimented as a gifted trombone participant, however had it been a expertise that by no means revealed itself, I don’t assume my life would’ve been a lot totally different.

Ultimately I discovered to play the bass guitar, and this was an instrument that I truly thought-about enjoying professionally – kind of. I used to be a part of a band that wrote and carried out songs and performed wherever we might and tried to develop an viewers and get a recording contract. Had issues labored out the best way we hoped, I’d have been knowledgeable musician. Had issues labored rather well, I’d have been an enormous, well-known bass participant on TV. (This wasn’t as far faraway from actuality as one might imagine. We knew a lot of individuals whose bands had movies on MTV. “Big, Famous” might have been a stretch; “on TV,” not a lot.)

Nevertheless, I personally wasn’t actually making an attempt to be knowledgeable musician. I used to be making an attempt to be knowledgeable rock band member. There’s a distinction. The different three members needed to play their devices. I simply needed to have some enjoyable.

I’ve learn dozens of rock and roll autobiographies. What I’ve discovered from studying books by huge names like Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen and Chrissy Hynde; and less-celebrated names like Andy Summers, Dave Davies and Tony Iommi, is that everybody who “makes it big2” loves doing what they do. You get the concept if these individuals hadn’t grow to be wildly in style and (for probably the most half) rich musicians, they’d nonetheless be of their little hometowns, previous and grey, choosing up the guitar every single day, writing songs and enjoying music, making themselves glad.

It wasn’t actually my deep ambition to create music, so after my band, The April Skies, broke up, I didn’t pursue music with a lot devotion. I continued getting along with Dr. Dave in our wonderful band, J.B. and The So-Referred to as Cells, and I joined with buddies to type different cowl bands, comparable to Tequila Mockingbird and Two Legs Dangerous. However I didn’t have the drive to make music my life. The different three guys from my time in The April Skies did.

The April Skies, ca. 1992. (l to r) Cary Brown, Writer, Jake Crawford, Mark Tritico. three/four of this band seem on Flood.

As of November, 2018, Drummer Mark Tritico is knowledgeable drummer. Singer Cary Brown performs throughout Europe together with his band Unwell River. And Jake Crawford, who led the band lengthy earlier than I joined, continues to place out music almost 30 years later with The April Skies. He loves what he’s doing, and I really like what he does.

So in fact, I’ve heard of the band for years and years, ever since Cary, this child I knew from highschool, stopped me on the street whereas I used to be delivering pizzas in early 1990, to ask me to return see his band, The April Skies. About fifteen years later, lengthy after I’d joined the band and left the band, I used to be nonetheless listening to every part the band put out. By the early 2000s, Jake had assembled his newest model of the band, they usually have been hitting the studio with Jeff Feltenberger, member of the roots-rock outfit The Badlees, who’d had some chart success within the 90s. Why don’t I let Jake take it from right here:

“Flood was the first record where we had a pre-production phase. We rehearsed most of the songs, and worked really hard for 2-3 months while gigging up and down the east coast. There was so much enthusiasm…” I personally LOVE that a bunch of men with day jobs converse of enthusiasm to create artwork. “The studio was state-of-the-art. Big sound rooms. Every guitar and amp style you could want. Even a baby grand in the main room. It didn’t take long to see we were putting together something special. We just worked a lot harder at this group of songs than any previous effort. The tempo, the arrangement, the melody, the lyrics and the vocal delivery. All of that was (producer) Jeff (Feltenberger). This record would’ve never happened if not for Jeff.”

As I’ve stated, I’ve continued listening to The April Skies since I left the band, and I’ve loved all their music. However one thing about Flood clicked with me from the primary pay attention. On the time it was launched, in 2005, I used to be working in a lab, and I’d play it on my moveable CD participant on a regular basis. The album opener, “322,” is an atmospheric, slow-burner that builds powerfully.

All permutations of The April Skies have been capable of take a web page from the U2 playbook and construct an thrilling, terrific songs round simply 2 chords – as is the case with “322.” The sound swirls between each audio system as Jake’s signature, trebley guitar repeats a easy riff. I feel Jake’s all the time been extra snug leaving vocal duties to different singers, however I like his voice, and on this album it’s fairly robust. “When I heard my voice [on that song], it was life changing. I never sounded that powerful,” he advised me. Mark Tritico, who drummed once I was within the band, performs on this report. He’s some of the artistic, but highly effective, drummers I’ve performed with. I actually just like the syncopated rhythm he performs starting at 1:10. At about 1:50 the track turns into a driving pressure, with Matt Mazick’s bass and Matt Higgins’s keyboards shifting to the forefront. By 2:35, there’s a satisfying decision, and the music fades shortly. Rte. 322 is a most important thoroughfare within the band’s Hershey, Pa., city. Relating to lyrics, Jake says “some tornados had just cut thru this area. The fear and destruction it caused…felt like a great comparison to a few relationships I was privy to at the time.”

Subsequent up is “Crutch,” a music that’s certainly one of my favorites, and that sounds stylistically just like an act that I couldn’t identify. Then Jake informed me just lately that it was “My attempt at copying Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’.” I personally have all the time disliked that music. However I really like this one.

I’ll be gushing about Tritico’s drums the complete album, and I really like them on this track notably. His snare sound is absolutely nice, as are his creative fills, and his bass drum beat propels all of it ahead. It’s a catchy mid-tempo quantity, and the harmonies within the refrain are actually robust. I really like Jake’s guitar at 1:46 through the bridge, and the harmonies after three:00. I particularly love Tritico’s drums after three:20 to his last, effervescent drum fill, which is certainly one of my favorites in any music. Each Jake and Mark Tritico have been within the band once I was, so perhaps it’s as a result of I do know them, however I’m a fan of each. Their guitar, vocals and drums assist make “You Are The One” a strong track that I might have launched as a single.

Jake performs a terrific guitar. I can all the time select his trebley, pinched (in a great way) sound. His enjoying has all the time jogged my memory of James Honeyman-Scott, from The Pretenders. In “You Are the One” it’s much less distinctive. However you possibly can hear the standard “Jake” sound on the subsequent piece, the enjoyable, danceable “Long Way Down.”

This music is superior! To my ears, it’s the lead single – enjoyable, bouncy and danceable. The intro guitar solo units the stage, and it drives. Relating to the lyrics, “I was lashing out a bit a people who took themselves too serious,” Crawford says. This track additionally options one other member of the band from my years: singer/guitarist Cary Brown sings the high-pitched “Long Way Down” backing vocals. I might take heed to this one all day. Jake’s guitar sound can also be featured on “A Game,” giving the track a Center-Japanese really feel. His vocals are robust, and the harmonies within the refrain actually make it. I really like the little organ within the refrain, as properly.

I feel the melodies this band writes are large. Each track is sing-along catchy. Even the songs Jake doesn’t write, like the stunning “Still,” written and sung by keyboardist Mark Higgins.

It opens with a easy drum beat, with the keyboards and bass, by Mark Mazick, driving the track ahead. Higgins’s voice is a robust tenor, and the ranging melody is fabulous – notably within the second verse. It’s a candy love track, and Jake provides some good guitar all through. Higgins’s keyboards add environment and depth to most of the songs, for instance on “Shaking the Tree.” The ethereal organ, together with Jake’s pinched guitar, provides this rocker an 80s British Invasion sound. Tritico once more shines right here, giving the music a little bit of a dance beat whereas Crawford sings, obliquely, about habit.

Jake’s lyrics are nice. They’re oblique, however clearly purposeful. On the stunning, relatively epic, “In the Mirror,” a long-term relationship has ended.

Jake says, “I wanted to paint the not-so-great periods in a relationship so that they’d go away forever. I wanted to isolate those moments where maybe I made a joke I shouldn’t have, or said the wrong thing.” The transition to the refrain is beautiful, and Higgins’s concord vocals are terrific. My favourite elements are Crawford’s guitar solo, about three:08, and the fantastic bridge, starting at four:40, which all the time provides me chills.

Fast story: once I was within the band, Jake would all the time play a specific acoustic piece he’d written that was simply beautiful and highly effective, a sluggish ballad that was clearly private and that all the time related with whomever was listening. We all the time tried to get him to report it, however he wouldn’t do it. Flash ahead 15 years, and the track, “Something to Shine About,” has been reworked right into a rocker.

I really like the little bass word at zero:13, and the piano. The transition, at 1:07, to the refrain is nice, as are the concord vocals. I additionally love how the band pulls again, round three:30, with Tritico’s rimshots carrying the load. Jake performs a cool solo (that might be louder within the combine!) On re-working this previous gem, Crawford says, “The band worked up this music. And somehow, the lyrics re-appeared and it seemed to work. Our original intent was for it to be more Pixies/Radiohead with the verses being quiet and the chorus very loud. It sounds kinda Springsteen to me.”

Clearly, my connection to the individuals who made this document enhances my esteem for it. However I’m positive I’d love this document whether or not or not I had a friendship and historical past with Jake Crawford, Mark Tritico and Cary Brown. Wouldn’t it be #17? I don’t know, or care. What I do know is that the ultimate track, “I Will Surround You,” is certainly one of my all-time favourite album closers.

Mark Tritico has all the time been capable of set a temper with a drumbeat, and the echoes added to his intro deepen the temper right here. Jake’s delicate, unmistakeable guitar sound is featured within the introductory solo, at about zero:48. He expands on the solo theme on the finish of the track, four:24. It’s one other music that does so much with just a few chords. It additionally options Cary Brown on backing vocals once more. The lyrics are a few relationship coming to an finish. “I had a recurring dream about this song,” Jake advised me. “Long before we recorded it, we would jam it out at rehearsals. It would go on and on. My dream, we were playing somewhere out west, at Coachella or some outside event in front of 60,000 people. It was sunny and it starts raining lightly. While we play this song on and on. When I finally wrote the lyrics (long after the music was recorded), it only made sense to plead to keep the life we created together. Didn’t work. But at least I got this beautiful song.”

This final quote, to me, explains why some people maintain hammering away at their artwork. It says the whole lot you’ll want to find out about artistic individuals, and what it means to be “successful” as an artist. To an artist, there are goals of your artwork bringing fame and fortune, and there are goals of your artwork making a distinction on individuals round you. However in the long run, you do it since you might find yourself with one thing lovely – an end result that’s even higher than being massive, well-known and on TV. The April Skies succeeded with Flood.

Monitor Itemizing:
“You Are the One”
“Long Way Down”
“Something to Shine About”
“A Game”
“In the Mirror”
“Shaking the Day”
“I Will Surround You”