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20 Crazy Revelations About Darth Vader’s Lightsaber

20 Crazy Revelations About Darth Vader’s Lightsaber

In all of sci-fi and fantasy, there are few villains as iconic and intimidating as Star Wars’ Darth Vader. He is an archetypal character that borrows from many mythological legends.

George Lucas aimed to create a timeless character that echoed most of the myths and fairy tales of previous. Vader is kind of catch-all villain whose essence can be becoming in a number of mythic genres— western, samurai film, fairy story, or sure, even an epic area opera.

From the second he steps on the display in A New Hope, he’s a drive to be reckoned with.

After boarding a insurgent vessel by explosive drive with a squad of stormtroopers, Vader wastes no time crushing the captain’s throat whereas lifting in him within the air with one hand, taking prisoner Princess Leia and ordering an enormous manhunt for the lacking droids.

Audiences had by no means seen a villain fairly like this earlier than: was he all machine? A person with mechanical elements? Or one thing in-between?

Just as most of the villains of fantasy have an intimidating weapon, typically infused with magic, Darth Vader has his pink lightsaber that he makes use of together with The Force.

Like all lightsabers, its blade is pure plasmic power able to chopping by way of almost every part that isn’t one other lightsaber. Vader’s lightsaber blade is an intimidating crimson purple, a shade almost universally adopted by the Sith and is consultant of the darkish aspect of the drive: rage, impulsivity, hate, and aggression.

However,  there’s rather more to the historical past of Vader’s lightsaber than is popularly recognized. For followers who’ve solely seen the films, there’s a a lot deeper historical past to be uncovered.

Here are the 20 Crazy Revelations About Darth Vader’s Lightsaber.

20 Vader Used His Anger And Hate To Turn The Crystal Red

Most Star Wars followers know the necessary position that kyber crystals play within the performance of all lightsabers. These are crystals that develop in a number of totally different environments however are uncommon nonetheless.

The Jedi use them inside lightsabers to focus the power right into a plasma blade.

In the unique Star Wars continuity, the Jedi used naturally occurring crystals and the Sith used artificial crystals. After The Force Awakens, this has been retconned.

In the brand new canon, The Sith take present kyber crystals and undertaking their rage and hate into it utilizing the drive, turning the kyber crystal pink.

Vader does this within the Marvel comedian Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. As Palpatine places it, “A pink saber is not any totally different than another…besides that it has been made to bleed. The crystal from any Jedi saber will do.”

19 Kylo Ren May Be After A Splinter Of Vader’s Kyber Crystal

Though nonetheless a rumor, there’s speak that the pendant that Luke wears round his neck truly accommodates a splinter from the kyber crystal of Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

If that is true, because of this Luke retrieved Vader’s lightsaber from the Emperor’s throne room shortly earlier than he escaped with Vader’s physique.

The second a part of this rumor is that Kylo Ren truly possesses the remainder of Vader’s crystal and makes use of it in his distinctive lightsaber with the plasma-bladed hilt. The proven fact that the blade appears to have extra crackling interference than most different lightsabers appear to help the idea that the crystal is by some means fractured.

In The Last Jedi, After Luke “ascends” into the afterlife, we’re not precisely positive what turns into of his pendant. If this can be a true plot thread, it has but to be revealed.

18 Anakin Continued To Use a Blue Lightsaber After He Became Vader

It’s straightforward to overlook that Anakin truly turned Darth Vader earlier than he fell into the lava pit on Mustafar and have become half-man, half-machine.

Technically, Palpatine christened him Vader as quickly as he helped him dispatch with Mace Windu in Revenge of the Sith.

He truly went by means of together with his first acts of unspeakable evil whereas carrying the blue lightsaber that ultimately goes to Luke.

This is identical lightsaber that he makes use of to get rid of the remaining Jedi within the temple. It’s additionally the identical weapon he used to chop down a whole room filled with younglings.

When passing down the weapon to Luke, had Obi-Wan as an alternative stated, “This is your father’s lightsaber—he used it wipe out a room filled with younglings who trusted him” maybe Luke wouldn’t have been so wanting to wave it round.

17 Vader’s Lightsaber Is A Single Blade And Dual Phase

Many followers have questioned concerning the inner workings of Darth Vader’s lightsaber. His lightsaber is actually a single blade and twin part.

What does that imply? Well, in response to the ebook Star Wars Lightsabers: A Guide to Weapons Of The Force, twin part lightsabers have multiple kyber crystal, which permits its wielder to increase or shorten the blade throughout fight.

Though we presumably didn’t see Vader use this function through the films, we might see how this could be a bonus in sure tactical conditions.

Although Vader often solely fought with this weapon that was a single blade, we’ve got little question that he might deal with double-bladed lightsabers had the necessity arose.

16 It Was Actually Made Of Camera And Calculator Parts

We need to keep in mind that George Lucas’ unique Star Wars film, A New Hope, was made on the fraction of the price range of some other Star Wars chapter. Because of this, the manufacturing designers needed to get artistic with numerous their props.

The unique designs for the lightsabers assorted wildly, however the manufacturing ultimately settled on making a prop from a number of items of already present know-how.

For the primary cylinder of the lightsaber, designers used a flash tube attachment from a British digital camera from the 1940s period.

The protruding ridges have been glued on, they have been merely black plastic sliding tracks used for cupboards, and the change used items from a 1974 calculator.

The ensuing prop has stood the check of time— lengthy sufficient for Star Wars followers to make 4 many years of mythology about it.

15 He Built It After Losing His Lightsaber During An Assassination Attempt

Knowing that Vader was personally concerned in purging the remaining Jedi after Order 66 was executed, a couple of Imperial officers who weren’t proud of Darth Vader’s new management position deliberate to set a lure to assassinate Vader.

They planted rumors of a Jedi who confirmed drive powers at a bar battle, and when Vader confirmed up, that they had anonymously employed bounty hunters to ambush him.

The bounty hunters proved no match for Vader, although they managed to destroy his short-lived lightsaber through the struggle.

Vader held one among them hostage to find who employed them and traced the order again to scheming officer corp on Coruscant.

Not understanding exactly who the officers have been, Vader chosen 5 randomly at an meeting and vanquished them by force-choking, proving that he wasn’t above collective punishment for any try made on his life.

14 He Stole The Crystal From A Jedi Master

On a mission from Palpatine, Vader sought to exterminate a strong Jedi recognized to have survived Order 66: Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a.

When Vader sought him out on the river moon of Al’doleem, Infil’a might sense Vader arriving.

What adopted was an intense battle that seemed favored Vader would lose. At one level, Infil’a threw him from a cliff the place, had it not been for Vader’s cybernetics, he definitely would have expired.

At the final moments, Vader turned the desk on Al’doleem, utilizing civilian guards to distract him sufficient to take the benefit.

In the top, Vader destroyed Infil’a, and tossed him over a dam, taking the crystal from Infil’a’s lightsaber as his personal.

It was this crystal that he used to pour his anger into, turning the crystal purple.

13 He Used It To Help Finish The Jedi Purge

The Jedi purge was critical enterprise. Both the Emperor and Vader knew that there have been greater than a handful of Jedi left after Order 66.

Some Jedi escaped the clones who had betrayed them, whereas different clones truly disobeyed the order. Worse, there have been some Jedi who have been out of attain when Order 66 was executed, and fairly a number of individuals with force-sensitivity have been nonetheless scattered throughout the galaxy.

One such Jedi was Bol Chatak, who disobedient clones permitted to flee. She hid out on planet Murkhana in a disguise till Vader arrived to admonish the clones who had disobeyed orders.

She sprung to assault Vader and engaged in a livid battle. Though she injured his forearm, Vader used his new lightsaber to chop off her sword arm after which her head. It wouldn’t be the final Jedi that Vader dispatched so simply.

12 Its Design Is Partially Based On The One That He Lost In The Battle Of Geonosis

Before he was Vader, he was the swashbuckling Anakin who tended to leap earlier than he seemed.

Over the course of his coaching with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin developed the status of steadily dropping his lightsaber in the midst of no matter mess he had gotten himself into. In Attack of the Clones alone, he misplaced two of them.

Anakin misplaced the second lightsaber when he had his arm pinned down within the robotic manufacturing meeting line on Geonosis whereas he unwisely tried a mission to rescue Obi-wan from seize.

This is the mannequin that impressed Vader’s first lightsaber. He constructed this one after he turned to the darkish aspect. It was combined with the Emperor’s second lightsaber.

Though comparable, Vader’s revised model had a thicker grip and black accents.

11 Because Of His Robotic Hands, The Grip Had To Be Thicker

Because Darth Vader is weighed down by lots of his cybernetic elements, he isn’t as agile or quick as many different Jedi.

However, what he lacks for in velocity and style, he makes up in pure power, expertise, and unmatched talent in utilizing the pressure. There’s a purpose why he was by no means taken down by some other Jedi aside from Luke.

So it is sensible that Darth Vader’s new lightsaber must be customized made to go well with his preventing type.

Though the design is partially impressed by one of many earlier lightsabers he had whereas he was nonetheless Anakin, the brand new grip is far thicker to accommodate his cybernetic palms.

Vader doesn’t have to be quick to completely demolish any opponent in entrance of him.

10 Vader’s Lightsaber Was Inspired By Darth Sidious’

In mixture with the lightsaber that he misplaced on Geonosis, Vader additionally used the Emperor’s (Darth Sidious) lightsaber as inspiration to assemble his new one.

This, nevertheless, wasn’t a lot an overt selection of Vader. Rather, the Emperor provided his lightsaber to Vader as a base mannequin that he might use whereas he was constructing it.

Vader favored the simplicity of the Emperor’s weapon however did not want all the craftsmanship of the extremely stylized design on the outer shell.

Vader adopted the essential form of the Emperor’s piece however opted for an easier design from the earlier lightsaber he misplaced on Geonosis.

He additionally most popular extra ballast on the hilt, to offer it extra weight and width for his robotic arms.

In the top, this specific mannequin lasted Vader till his demise.

9 Vader Tried To Impress The Emperor With Its Design

You can simply monitor how Anakin will get manipulated by Palpatine via the course of the prequels, and much more so all through the animated Clone Wars.

Despite Vader being a full grown man with drive talents in all probability solely secondary to Yoda and the Emperor himself, Vader nonetheless maintains a relationship with the Emperor as if he’s a surrogate father.

Sadly, after Padmé’s passing, Vader’s thoughts and spirit are damaged and his relationship with the Emperor is what some followers would describe as dysfunctional and co-dependent at greatest.

As described within the novel Dark Lord, The Rise of Darth Vader, when Vader lastly does construct his first lightsaber, he tries to enhance on the design of the Emperor’s weapon so as to impress him.

In the top, Vader’s design was only a slight variance of the weapon he misplaced on Geonosis.

eight Galen Marek Once Used It

Galen Marek, later generally known as Starkiller, was the topic of The Force Unleashed video video games. He was the son of two Jedi who had escaped Order 66 to reside on exile on the planet Kashyyyk.

When Vader got here to destroy his Jedi mother and father, he determined to tackle Marek as his personal private apprentice, as a result of he noticed the boy had a expertise with the drive.

Starkiller had an ill-fated set of missions with Vader, which led to Vader betraying him a number of occasions.

In one of many alternate endings of the online game, Marek overcomes Vader by impaling him together with his personal lightsaber.

He later blacked out after Palpatine force-threw a spaceship on prime of him.

When Starkiller awoke, he had a brand new mechanical physique being assembled and 6 lightsabers on his belt—certainly one of them belonging to Darth Vader.

7 Vader Set Some Wookies On Fire With It

Even although the Wookie home-planet of Kashyyyk had been unwaveringly loyal to the Republic, when the Empire ascended, it had different plans for them.

No doubt recognizing that Wookies would make a robust and sturdy labor drive, one of many first issues that the Empire did after taking up was to utterly subjugate Kashyyyk and enslave a lot of the Wookies therein. Many of them have been despatched to the spice mines of Kessel.

Vader personally assisted within the colonization and subjugation of Kashyyyk. The Wookies, being fierce warriors, put up an honorable struggle.

A number of Wookies had the misfortune of getting into into fight with Vader immediately. Because of their heavy fur coating, lightsaber assaults would typically set their entire our bodies ablaze.

Despite their spirited protection, Kashyyyk was no match for Vader’s forces and tragically succumbed to the Empire.

6 Vader Could Channel Force Energy Into It

The concept of utilizing the pressure to reinforce a non-powered bodily weapon had been explored fairly a bit within the Star Wars comics, notably in Tales of the Jedi.

In it, a number of the Jedi knights of previous used the drive to “energy up” a easy weapon like a picket employees to such a level that it might truly be used to defend oneself towards a lightsaber.

In the hit online game The Force Unleashed, Starkiller was capable of pour pressure power into his lightsaber, giving it the power to undertaking a drive push or blast drive lightning at an opponent.

Vader equally channeled the drive into his lightsaber to defend towards Starkillers drive enhanced assaults.

5 It Caused Luke’s Lightsaber To End Up In The Hands Of Rey

Rather a lot is occurring within the first battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back.

Luke, having no concept Darth Vader is his father, comes at him aggressively. Luke additionally doesn’t know that the weapon he’s utilizing to struggle Vader was the one Vader misplaced on Mustafar.

However, probably the most ironic factor is that after Vader slices off Luke’s saber hand, making him lose the weapon, he inadvertently causes the lightsaber to ultimately discover its method again to Rey in The Force Awakens.

Rey, in fact, will use that exact same lightsaber to battle Vader’s grandson, Kylo Ren.

It’s by no means spelled out clearly precisely how Maz Kanata ultimately obtained it, however we belief that this can be addressed sooner or later. This lightsaber simply can’t appear to get away from the Skywalkers.

four The Original Design Depicted It With A Jewel-Studded Hilt

A variety of followers wouldn’t acknowledge most of the unique manufacturing designs from Star Wars.

For instance, after weeks of redesigns, the Millennium Falcon was lastly impressed by a hamburger with an olive subsequent to it. Luke Skywalker’s character was initially conceptualized as a woman.

Similarly, the lightsabers had fairly the journey as properly. Darth Vader’s lightsaber was particularly envisioned to be a jewel-encrusted cylinder.

As time handed, Lucas opted for an easier design, little question influenced by his manufacturing designers who had a extra sensible strategy to cobbling collectively gadgets from a number of “discovered” items of kit.

The remaining designs have been efficient, as they have been actual metallic gadgets and appeared like glossy and sturdy functioning machines.

three One of Vader’s Moves Was To Remove The Opponent’s Weapon, Arm, Or Hand

One of the most effective methods to disarm an opponent when preventing with a lightsaber is to actually disarm him– as in take away his arm his arm or hand from his physique.

Some followers assume that Vader truly picked this concept up in coaching when he labored with Obi-wan Kenobi.

It was one in every of Obi-wan’s signature strikes to do that in battle. Annakin himself was a sufferer of involuntary arm removing in Attack of the Clones when Count Dooku simply sliced off his left arm.

So it’s no shock that Vader makes use of this maneuver various occasions, like with Bol Chatak, or towards his personal son, Luke Skywalker.

It seems that is truly an historic Jedi lightsaber fight maneuver generally known as “cho solar” – actually, the artwork of eradicating all the sword-arm.

2 Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber Belonged To Darth Vader

Yes, it is a technicality, however for a couple of brief hours, Darth Vader owned Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber, too. After Obi-Wan confronted him for the ultimate time and made his epic sacrifice to save lots of Luke, Obi-Wan’s type disintegrated into the ether leaving solely his cloak and lightsaber behind.

We by no means noticed precisely what he did with Obi-Wan’s lightsaber. Presumably, he retrieved it as a trophy or a memento and stored it someplace in his quarters.

Vader had no concept his area station was about to explode, so there’s no cause he thought it wouldn’t be protected. But technically, it was Vader’s lightsaber now.

If the Kenobi/Vader lightsaber one way or the other survived the destruction of the Death Star, that signifies that it’s nonetheless floating in orbit someplace round Yavin.

We’re positive some author of the brand new canon will ultimately make a narrative about it.

1 He Managed To Hold On To It For 25 Years Until Luke Cut Off His Hand

If you calculate that Darth Vader constructed his lightsaber shortly after Order 66, meaning it occurs round 19 years earlier than the Battle of Yavin.

Darth Vader loses the lightsaber when Luke cuts off his hand in Return of the Jedi, roughly 4 years after the Battle of Yavin.

This signifies that he held on to this lightsaber for about 25 years. As Anakin, it appeared like he might barely maintain on to a lightsaber for various months, a lot to the chagrin of his grasp again then, Obi-wan Kenobi.

It is ironic that Vader lastly masters the grownup artwork of “holding on to his stuff” solely after he turned to the darkish aspect. In a bizarre method, Obi-wan would have been proud.

Can you consider some other fascinating details about Darth Vader’s lightsaber? Sound off within the feedback!

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