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5 Tips For Crowdfunding Your Wedding

Here you are, a Millennial in l-o-v-e and ready to marry the one you adore most. You decide that your love doesn’t have a price tag and you’ll find a way to launch one helluva wedding without adding to your collective debts.

The wedding is on like Donkey Kong.

So let’s talk about how you will pull this shebang off — an important question since we know that Millennials are already way too cozy with debt; two-thirds of recent bachelor’s degree recipients have outstanding student loans, with an average debt of about $27,000 [1] while the average wedding in the United States was $29,858 in 2013 [2].

As the founder of Bridal Rebellion I’ve had the chance to meet many rebellious brides-to-be taking creative approaches to wedding planning, including Kari McGee who is crowdfunding her wedding.

That’s right, I said crowdfunding. You’ve seen your friends launch fundraising campaigns in celebration of their dreams and aspirations — books, documentaries, robots — so why not you?

It may seem unusual but it’s a growing trend. According to a popular fundraising website,, 1,500 wedding-related campaigns have been launched since 2010.

So how do you go about it? Here are 5 tips to help you launch a successful wedding campaign. Before you go ahead & make your bookings for Banquet Hall in East Delhi

1. Execution is key.
You can half-ass your floral centerpieces, and maybe even your seating arrangements — who cares if Aunt Betty is sitting next to her archenemy? — but you absolutely can’t half-ass your fundraising collateral.

This includes everything from the first email to your community asking for support, the webpage copy and design (I recommend using Indiegogo, Deposit a Gift or even the ever-popular Kickstarter), and most importantly, this includes your thank you notes.

Crowdfunding is a new concept to the wedding world and it may be a radically new concept to some of your guests. Give every detail the attention it deserves so that your friends and family understand this isn’t a joke.

2. Create a video to share.
Your community wants to see your lovesick faces. They want to hear the vision behind the campaign straight from you. They want to know why this campaign is important to you, why being debt-free is crucial to your future plans, and what their return on investment is if they support your wedding. Does their money support the chicken dinner or the DJ? Be specific.

If you can provide cohesive, thoughtful responses in a respectful and fun manner in your video, you’ll be that much closer to reaching your goal.

3. Prepare yourself for good and bad feedback
Crowdfunding your wedding is new. Translation: Crowdfunding your wedding is controversial. This is not a well-traveled bridal path. If you want to raise money for your wedding, you better have thick skin … and witty one-liners ready for the negative nellies who are ready to pounce!

Some of your closest family members may not fully support your vision and campaign. Will you be able to handle their opposition? If not, crowdfunding may not be for you.

4. Include perks that show your personality.
Not everyone in your community knows you as well as your best friends. If you want a ton of people to contribute to your campaign, you should consider sharing your personalities and exposing your vulnerabilities Brené Brown-style.

What are your hobbies, your passions, your skills? Build your biggest assets into the perks of your campaign. For example, if someone donates $500 to your wedding, they should know exactly what that money is going toward and they should also know exactly what they will receive for it. Maybe you host them at your house for a weekend and treat them to your lovely fettuccine dinner.

Connect with your community through this campaign and you may be surprised at how much closer you become to your friends and family. This should build relationships, not break them. (Here’s a great example of Kari and Jeddy’s wedding campaign page with fun perks!)

5. Be humble.

This is new territory. Allow yourself to understand why people are confused or discouraging. Be grateful for all of the support you receive. Thank people for sharing your campaign, thank people for cheering you on, and thank people for opening their hearts and pocketbooks to help you achieve your dream wedding and life together as a couple.

If you stay open-minded in this experience, you may learn lessons you never would have expected. You may reach your monetary goal or you may not. You may piss off your family or you may inspire them. You may be surprised at what you can achieve when you just ask.

And regardless, by crowdfunding your wedding you will definitely unleash your inner rebel. And that is a good thing indeed.