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The Browns game showed why Travis Kelce is undoubtedly the best tight end in the league

The Browns game showed why Travis Kelce is undoubtedly the best tight end in the league

Down in the AP Lab dissecting why Kelce is much more particular than you could assume.

For the previous couple of years, there’s been a debate happening in the Nationwide Soccer League about which tight end is the best in the league.

When Rob Gronkowski burst onto the scene, he shortly took the consensus title from the commonplace bearers: an growing older Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham — a unique sort of tight end. The distinction between Gronkowski and the others was superior blocking — and superior may need been an understatement in comparison with lots of the different prime NFL tight ends.

However by 2016, it was turning into obvious that Gronkowski was injury-prone, and clearly beginning to transfer just a little in a different way on the soccer subject. The Previous Guard at tight end — Greg Olsen, Graham, and Gates — have been nonetheless efficient gamers, however they have been getting older, and never the gamers they as soon as have been.

There was a gap amongst the prime ranks at the place.

Beginning in 2016, the league took discover. Groups began praying that their protection cornerbacks might keep on with Kelce — as a result of safeties and linebackers had been unable to take action.

Enter a contemporary tight end named Travis Kelce of the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs. Kelce was primarily tight end sized (6-feet 6-inches and 260 kilos) however was enjoying split-out in the slot, out extensive or as an H-back — however in-line far lower than most conventional tight ends. Kelce was operating area routes to the outdoors, operating screens, and having performs dialed up particularly for his capability to run after the catch.

These have been issues he’d been doing for the earlier two years in Kansas Metropolis, however beginning in 2016, the league took discover. Groups began praying that their protection cornerbacks might stick with Kelce — as a result of safeties and linebackers had been unable to take action.

The highest graded tight ends in the NFL up to now this season.

— Professional Soccer Focus (@PFF) November 1, 2018

Ever since then, the debate has continued: can Kelce — a contemporary tight end who isn’t requested to play a standard in-line position fairly often — truly be thought-about the NFL’s best tight end, or will he all the time be in Gronkowski’s shadow?

We at the moment are two seasons faraway from the starting of this debate — and it’s not even a contest anymore. Even when Gronkowski is wholesome, it ought to not be a query.

Travis Kelce is clearly the best tight end in the Nationwide Soccer League. Everybody sees the highlights — the freaky performs crossing up cornerbacks on whip routes, hurdling 14 gamers on his means into the end zone and so forth — however down in the Arrowhead Delight Laboratory, the Cleveland Browns game tape is an excellent instance of what makes Kelce so extremely particular.

Seize your drink of selection, and be a part of me down in The Lab. We’ll take pleasure in the completely lovely issues Travis Kelce can do on the soccer area.

What makes Travis Kelce so particular

Route operating

This isn’t hyperbole. Fairly merely, Kelce is the best general route runner the NFL has seen at his place. That feels like insane reward — and it is, given the historical past of Gates, Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez, and so forth — however Kelce’s mixture of athleticism, method and nuance to his routes are unparalleled. It doesn’t matter what sort of route you ask Kelce to carry out — in-breaking, out-breaking, vertical — he can beat protection gamers of any caliber.

Recognize the finer issues KC. This is a Tight End releasing off the Los, via visitors.

— Matt Lane (@ChiefinCarolina) November 6, 2018

This landing on a seam route is an absolute masterpiece of route operating by anybody — not to mention a TE.

Take a look at this launch at the line of scrimmage towards a hybrid DE/LB who is making an attempt to disrupt him off the snap, understanding there is assist over the prime. To beat this jam, Kelce involves stability off his stance with a tough jab step inside — which will get the defender to open his hips — after which releases to the outdoors.

Whereas this is straightforward sufficient for anybody to do, the velocity and precision with which Kelce is capable of do it is what makes it so efficient.

However it doesn’t even end there. The swipe and swim to clear the defender’s palms are equally essential, because it provides Kelce a free launch and places the defender on his again hip, turning him totally right into a chase participant.

It nonetheless doesn’t end there. With the defender stacked, Kelce is aware of he nonetheless has to work over the prime of the defender, so somewhat than a easy head nod or velocity reduce, Kelce makes use of a rocker step to get the defender to key outdoors. Kelce crops arduous on his inside foot earlier than giving one other arduous step outdoors with a head/chest tilt over his outdoors shoulder.

Lastly, Kelce dips his inside shoulder — to restrict the contact floor space and tighten his flip — as he turns again up the seam clear and freed from the defender’s arms, which opens him up for the throw.

This is an extremely lengthy rationalization of a single brief route run by Travis Kelce, nevertheless it encapsulates why he is so good. He doesn’t merely beat a defender on the route. He defeats him three separate occasions. He isn’t relying purely on athleticism or method however as an alternative mixing them collectively in a small area. He’s working inside 12 yards of the line of scrimmage on the brief aspect of the area, with attainable assist to both aspect. There is solely a finite window in which Kelce can win on this play — and he does it with ease.

Kelce had been attacking the Browns defenders with the similar launch, and out of doors pretend earlier than breaking apart the seam early in the game. Then, he makes use of the similar launch to stack the defender, strain steps to promote the seam once more, earlier than velocity slicing outdoors.

— Matt Lane (@ChiefinCarolina) November 6, 2018

At first look, this play doesn’t seem as spectacular in phrases of Kelce’s route, however there is nonetheless a lot to like.

It’s the very same launch as the landing (Kelce had used it a number of occasions in this game — which is regular for him) and the similar stacked place — this time on a security. Like the landing play, Kelce makes use of an preliminary strain step and a tough plant inside, however as an alternative of tying it in with an outdoor pretend, he simply merely velocity cuts off the leverage. The defender leans into the strain step as nicely — anticipating a direct publish/seam or the outdoors pretend once more — however both approach, Kelce generates a ton of separation towards what ought to be a plus protection defender.

Soccer IQ

Due to his on-field (and off-field) persona, it’s not well-appreciated how clever of a soccer participant Kelce is. As with the play above, Kelce acknowledges the place of the defender, and find out how to set him up based mostly on the move of the game.

Kelce had been attacking the Browns defenders with the similar launch, and out of doors pretend earlier than breaking apart the seam early in the game. Then, he makes use of the similar launch to stack the defender, strain steps to promote the seam once more, earlier than velocity slicing outdoors.

— Matt Lane (@ChiefinCarolina) November 6, 2018

This is early in the game, and the Browns are utilizing commonest protection — Tampa 2 — and Kelce assaults it completely. Off his launch, he bends out round the visitors and threatens the center linebacker — who has duty for the deep gap — vertically, in order that he can’t bounce or undercut Kelce’s route. As Kelce makes his velocity break to the outdoors, he does a terrific job of settling down in the open space of the zone, quite than carrying his dip too far outdoors, which might permit different defenders an opportunity at the ball.

It’s not a posh play, however the wherewithal to drive vertically between the hashes not solely moved the linebacker out of the play, but in addition gave him the area to make the outdoors break and nonetheless quiet down in open area.

Catch level emergence

As talked about at the prime, Kelce has prototypical tight end measurement, however he’s by no means a serious participant in the typical methods a standard tight end may be used — as a pink zone goal, a leap ball specialist, or powering by way of the center of the visitors. It wasn’t as a result of he couldn’t do it. It’s simply that earlier than this yr, he had not often been given the alternatives.

One thing Kelce not often received to point out off earlier in his profession was the potential to go up and make contested catches, particularly in the EZ. We will reward this throw, it’s in a spot solely Kelce can snag it, however this catch w/ that a lot velocity is the spotlight.

— Matt Lane (@ChiefinCarolina) November 6, 2018

On this pink zone snap, Kelce has a free launch — once more working towards Tampa 2. He tries to eat up the area on the deep-half security, and promote him on the outdoors pretend. The security truly performs the route very properly, as the cornerback is capable of sink underneath a would-be nook route with nobody actually holding him. However the slight outdoors pretend permits Kelce to cross the face of the security and get inside leverage — for which you’ll be able to hardly blame a security enjoying for a low throw to the entrance line of the endzone.

As an alternative, Mahomes acknowledges the leverage Kelce has and fires one excessive out of the again of the end zone — besides that Kelce is capable of elevate and snag the ball out of the air. Kelce is at full extension — and has hand visitors in the method — but he is nonetheless capable of pluck the fastball proper out of the air prefer it’s nothing. The measurement to deal with contact — and the athletic potential to get to the cross — are distinctive. It’s been a pleasure see Kelce be given the alternatives to make these performs this yr.

Open-field capacity

Certainly one of Kelce’s largest benefits over different NFL tight ends is his means to get yards as soon as the ball is in his palms. It’s lengthy been one in every of his best traits — and it continues to today.

Not an enormous game for Kelce’s YAC potential, arguably his best trait, however nonetheless exhibits why he’s so insane in that regard. Nonetheless adjusting to the ball, stops on a time, lets a should-be tackler fly by, then accelerates again upfield. TE’s don’t transfer like this.

— Matt Lane (@ChiefinCarolina) November 6, 2018

The physique management at this measurement is unnatural. Kelce is capable of modify to the ball, make a catch, get turned again upfield and nonetheless cease on a dime whereas a defender goes flying by.

Put a single S to cowl Kelce on a Y-iso with a 10 yard cushion? Higher make the deal with, Cleveland is fortunate it didn’t go for extra.

— Matt Lane (@ChiefinCarolina) November 6, 2018

Towards the Browns, Kelce wasn’t requested to get lots of yards after the catch — no less than in comparison with most video games this yr — however there are nonetheless moments that showcase his greatness.

Right here is a Y-iso with a security as the defender enjoying off — displaying respect for Kelce’s vertical potential — nevertheless it’s a fast hitch route. The security has to return up and make a cease, however Kelce merely sidesteps him, brushes him off, and begins accelerating upfield for an additional 14-15 yards.

To make certain, loads of tight ends could make this play, however it’s almost a provided that Kelce is going to make the first defender miss each single time — which turns this alignment right into a free first down. However together with his capacity as a route runner, if the protection pulls that security up into press protection, there is an opportunity the free first down turns into a simple 40-yard achieve over the prime. Always, Kelce generates the final dilemma for defenses.

That’s the gross sales pitch

That’s the fast elevator lengthy, subway pitch for why Travis Kelce is such a particular participant — one which is beginning to get the respect he deserves as the best tight end in the NFL. When it comes to historic means, there ought to in all probability be extra appreciation for Kelce than he presently will get, too.

Throughout his profession, Kelce has been overshadowed by Gronkowski — whose starring position in the Patriots dynasty has contributed to that — however as he continues to supply increasingly more, Travis Kelce’s identify will develop into outstanding in discussions about the biggest tight ends in historical past.

Fast blocking anecdote

Travis Kelce is a high-quality blocker — in reality, he’s an excellent area blocker, which is how he’s used.

He’s come a great distance from the place he was when he entered the league, ultimately turning into an upper-tier blocking tight end. However Andy Reid and the Chiefs have appropriately recognized that this is not his best use. Demetrius Harris is a greater in-line blocker — which is wonderful — and Kelce attracts equal quantities of consideration. Much more, the Chiefs typically present you their respect for Kelce as a blocker, utilizing him as a lead blocker on an extended or fast pull in the run game.

KC doesn’t use Kelce as typically as an in-line blocker as they used too, which is the proper transfer, however they nonetheless belief him to steer block on pulls each inside and out of doors. Not a powerful block, however he shortly scrapes down the line, squares to the LB, & stones the undercut try

— Matt Lane (@ChiefinCarolina) November 6, 2018